Security is a process, not a product
Bruce Schneier

LVB Holding was founded in 2000 to help bring its members an up to date level of modern day services. LVB Holding joins together a number of companies working in different aspects of the security business; legal information and consulting, insurance consulting, engineering and equipment and several safeguard companies. Our headquarters is located in St. Petersburg.

LVB Holding provides security service for more then 400 corporate and private clients.

Our basic principles of work are:

  • Reliability
  • Confidentiality
  • Individual and attentive approach to the needs and desires of every client.

LVB Holdings complex of services include:

Protection and Security
-As one of Russia's largest security companies, LVB offers its clients a large complex of corporate and private security and protection.

24 hour radio monitoring
-Our security programs ensure invisible protection of real estate, vehicles and other assets.

Personnel loyalty
-We can provide testing services to your personnel on different psychological and social qualities.

Legal advice
- We are ready to help with legal advice and consultation as well as represent our clients in any legal and administrative bodies.

Information and analysis services
-Collection, processing and analysis of required information concerning wide range of interests. Confidential information processing measures.

Development and installation
-We build security systems from initial conception to technical realization. This includes installation and subsequent maintenance. All work is government licensed.

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